Business coaches are strong assets for business owners because they hold the owner accountable for their own progress. They offer different perspectives to problems, they offer guidance as well as challenges, and they observe objectively how a business operates and what can be improved.


Productivity is more than just performing your daily tasks.

A business coach will improve your productivity in all aspects of your business life. Here are some examples:


  1. You will step out of your comfort zone. Performing tasks that make you uncomfortable is often what will push your business into forward momentum, such as making offers and writing marketing copy. Performing these tasks will get easier with practice and will allow you to develop real-life relationships and gain new customers quicker than if you stayed in your bubble.
  2. Your coach will correct you as needed. Your business coach doesn’t want to take over your business; she wants YOU to become stronger in your ability to drive the business forward and she won’t be afraid to correct you if she sees a misstep. If you listen to your coach’s advice, you will become more effective in your leadership skills as well as your business skills.
  3. Your company’s operations will run more smoothly. Your business coach will see through her objective 3rd-party lens where your operations can use improvement. That may mean automating certain aspects or hiring a virtual assistant to handle certain tasks. When your business runs effectively, customers are happy and you’ll keep your overhead costs down. Effective operations also allow your assistants or employees to be more productive because they have the proper tools to complete their jobs.
  4. You’ll learn to transform your ideas into reality. Instead of keeping all your product ideas stuck in your head, unable to decide which one to develop, a business coach will help analyze your ideas and ask questions about the viability and effectiveness of each product. She will also guide you through the production process to complete your program or product quickly and cost-effectively.

Smart business owners know they can’t know everything about every subject, especially if they have no experience in running a business. This is where a smart business coach can become a top asset, guiding you to financial success.

Carol Ann DeSimine is a speaker, author, coach, and creator of align.believe.create on-purpose coaching. Her passion is empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurial women to make an impact on the world with their game-changing genius. Download 10 Tell-tale Signs, take the assessment, then schedule a free 15-minute Ignite Your Brand coaching session with Carol Ann here.

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