Carol Ann DeSimine

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would become an entrepreneur, leading
other women to live an empowered life. Yet here I am.

Call it destiny, a calling, my soul’s purpose…it’s all that and more.

What led me here was a long road of twists and turns, joys and challenges, and lots of opportunities and adventures along the way.

Collectively, it’s called wisdom.

It started in 2006 as a ‘creative entrepreneur’ serving small business owners with a multitude of passions, ranging from graphic design to photography to publishing. Combined with an M.A. in Public Relations, I realized I needed to package my own gifts for clarity.

I did just that in 2014, when I created my Unique Branded System, The Sizzle System of Personal Branding, to leverage my worth and serve more people with what I know as opposed to what I do.

It soon evolved into the Sizzle System of Brand Empowerment when I realized that branding is more about personal development and confidence building than it is about a pretty logo or website. I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs stand out and make a bigger impact by monetizing their God-given gifts in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts.

But branding turned out to NOT be my thing.

My Values & Beliefs

I am a teacher. I taught art and journalism and designed courses for 10 years as an adjunct university professor

I am a content creator. For 20+ years, I wrote curriculum and published books for a creative problem-solving educational program

I am an award-winning photographic artist, and exhibited in galleries many years. I also own a studio, where I 'focus' on branding photography for my clients

I am an award-winning newsletter editor. I interviewed and photographed artists and luminaries, wrote the articles, and designed the pages. Dad would call me "Murphy Brown" (I guess I'm dating myself)

I'm certified in energy modalities, which I incorporate into my work.

I'm a certified in Money Breakthrough Method through Kendall SummerHawk, and that's how I came to be a "mindset" coach

I'm also a certified Digital Client Care Specialist, and love, love, love email marketing!

When I started working with Carol Ann I was looking at a pile of loose ends and needed some clarity as to how to bring it all together into a beautiful presentation to the world.

Carol Ann asked all the right questions about the decisions I needed to make. She heard my heart’s call and was able to keep it within all my offerings and how I spoke about them.

I am now super clear about who my people are and how to reach them, what problems they have and the golden nuggets they are craving.

Carol Ann helped me named my year-long program; she nailed it: The Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy captures exactly what I do.

What I liked about working with Carol Ann is her honesty and her no-fuss approach. She is very clear with her spoken words and she is great with the written word. Her wealth of knowledge about an online business is extremely helpful.

I would recommend working with Carol Ann if you are looking for clarity and simplicity. Carol Ann will pare the pile of loose ends down to a beautiful simple idea that fits you perfectly and people will buy it.

Jennifer Ruth Russell

Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy

Goddess Unleashed!

It wasn’t long before I felt in my heart that ‘branding’ was limiting how I was serving my clients. I knew I had a greater role here on Earth and I struggled for a long time to find it.

My purpose revealed itself when I started to attract women who were in a similar situation. They were reaching out and saying, “Carol Ann, I’m doing (fill in the blank) but it’s not enough. I know there’s something more..”

My Superpower is Vision, so I have the uncanny ability to see their heart — and their brilliance — and that they weren’t living into their full potential. My intuition told me to “release and reset” everything I had been doing around branding and make it my mission to empower women to stop playing small and to overcome their fears, and to SHIFT into a powerful mindset where they could do what they are meant to do.

I wanted to help them create their own purpose-driven business just like I did.

Are you ready to make a greater impact in the world?

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