Namasté, loosely translated, means “the light in me honors the light within you.” It is the word used to end most yoga practices. As a yoga instructor (I like to think of myself more as a guide) I end each practice session by having my students bring their thumb knuckles to their mind’s eye – their sixth chakra, center of intuition, imagination and clarity – and we bow our heads and say “Namasté.” Or, at least I say “Namasté.” Some return the acknowledgement; some simply sit in silence.

I think of this practice as a sort of blessing. I mean, shouldn’t everyone be acknowledged for the good that they hold within themselves? Even on our worst days, wouldn’t that acknowledgement help the light to shine through just a little bit brighter from the dark that is holding us back from being our best selves?

As human beings, no matter how hard we try to be light and bright for others, it doesn’t always work out that way. And occasionally we encounter people who will refuse to allow our light to mingle with theirs at all. We have to accept that they are where they need to be and give them the space to exorcise their demons.

A good coach sees her clients for the insecurities that they hold because we all come from that same place. In a way it’s a comfort to know that we all share the same shortcomings now and then. And those dark times do serve us, because by working through them we end up on the other side of struggle to become a better version of ourselves. And the darker times make us appreciate the brighter times.

Serving is giving, but so is receiving

As service-providing entrepreneurs –- especially women — we are used to giving our time to please our clients, our families, our partners. We become stretched too thin because we constantly feel the need to give more and to make everything perfect without expecting anything in return.

What I have learned is that the ability to receive is as important as the act of giving. To accept someone’s offer to help out, or to accept a compliment without deflecting it, is a gift that we can give to the people who take the time to acknowledge us. By receiving a compliment graciously or letting someone lend a hand gives them an opportunity to do good and, in turn, feel good. Reflecting appreciation back with a “thank you,” rather than deflecting with humility, completes the exchange, or the flow.

This principle applies to how we do business. Our giving nature wants us to give more than expected, and our inability to receive keeps us from asking for what we’re worth. In accordance with the Law of Abundance, we need to open ourselves up to receiving what we want before we can attract it.

One of the things I want to attract in this New Year is more Namasté moments. I hope you will accept that I honor the light within you, and if you find it in your heart to reflect that acknowledgment back to me, with honor and gratitude I will receive your blessing. The flow will be complete.


Carol Ann DeSimine is a speaker, author, coach, and creator of align.believe.create on-purpose coaching. Her passion is empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurial women to make an impact on the world with their game-changing genius. Download 10 Tell-tale Signs, take the assessment, then schedule a free 15-minute Ignite Your Brand coaching session with Carol Ann here.

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